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The album "High" is nine thoughtful and melancholic songs with female and male vocals in English from the French project Mr Peel. The release is influenced by the books of Charles Baudelaire, the founder of decadence and symbolism. Musically it is rock, stretching from a lighter acoustic form, to psychedelic as in the 70s. The main instruments are guitars, but vintage instruments are also used for authenticity: Farfisa Organ Duo synthesiser, Fender Rhodes MKI electric piano, Wem Watkins Copicat and Roland RE201 effects pedals, as well as EMS Synthi VCS3 emulator from Arturia. The album is released on Label Cantroll.

Created by Fabien Chiloup, Mr Peel is a studio band named to honour Emma Peel, the heroine of the British retro TV series The Avengers.

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