Artcore is a marketplace that operates using a revenue share model. When a sale takes place, the buyer pays the purchase cost + any vst/gst/sales tax required.

Artcore takes a percentage commission of the pre tax amount. The seller gets the rest, minus the proportional cost of the payment processor's fees (eg paypal).

If the buyer is purchasing in a different currency then we will perform the conversion and deduct a small currency conversion charge.

  • The standard revenue share for digital products is 20%.
  • Promotional and incentivised discounts may be applied to reduce that revenue share. The minimum revenue share is 1%
  • Paypal charge a processing fee between 4% and 10% depending on basket size and a payout fee of approx 2% of the payout amount (capped to £60, €70, $90) which are deducted at payout time.
Promotions and Incentives

We offer discounted incentives

  • an additional 0.25% is deducted for each other artist/label invited who goes on to complete a sale (for 1 year)
  • keep up to 93% when you reach minimum 1% commission (based on medium basket size and overall paypal fee of 6%)

2 tracks are bought from different sellers. One cost £1 and the other costs £2. Both sellers on the standard 20% revenue share.

  • The buyer is charge £3.60 including VAT.
  • £0.60 is paid to tax authorities
  • Artcore keeps £0.60 (20% of £3)
  • The Paypal fee for small transactions is £0.05 + 5% = £0.23 (split £0.08/0.15p between sellers)
  • Seller 1 is allocated £0.72
  • Seller 2 is allocated £1.45