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After 3 long years of debilitating procrastination, many distractions, a few injuries, and finally... A fleeting sense of enlightenment that has long since past... The two Cro-Magnon descendents: Jimi De Deker and Joseph Moran, finished the "Walkabout" album for their experimental music project titled Seven Leaves.

These tracks survived more extinction events than life itself.

We're just two dudes trying to do more than just our day jobs with some pretty mediocre equipment. It's pretty bad honestly. Our music software is also haunted at the least. Help us.

More originals in the works! We're also forming a heavy cover band on the side. Support/follow us on Patreon to be extra in-the-know on current affairs/other projects.

Also in Alternative, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock & Psy / Goa Trance