Sitting on a Dock in New Shoreham

Sitting on a Dock in New Shoreham
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a vacation mini album: summer '23 on Block Island

all music & sounds were recorded on Block Island July 1-7 2023; the exception is the piano on tracks 2 & 6, which was recorded at Frogwood Manor Upstairs on July 8 almost everything was recorded on a handheld field recorder; the 4th of July parade songs were recorded on a phone

acoustic guitar by JHM (on all but tracks 2 & 6) acoustic bass (tracks 4, 5 & 10) & piano (tracks 2 & 6) by JRM synthesizer (tracks 1, 5 & 8) shaker (tracks 4 & 10) & field recording by JAM

written by JHM, JRM & JAM recording, editing, mixing & mastering by JAM artwork by JAM & JHM

10 track Album
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