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Jon Tyler
Richmond, United States

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Jon Tyler was born 1994 in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He’s been across the country living with family and making art since he was born. He started drawing cartoons first, in inspiration of the Disney movie “Bolt”, but always had an interest in music after receiving his first CD for his 11th birthday, “From Under The Cork Tree” by Fall Out Boy. Jon soon aspired to star in his own band, “Euphorik Distortion” which was a project he started in summer 2010 with extreme angst and ambition

Starting In year 2013, Jon moved his attempts to two different parts of the US. First was Weymouth MA, in search for dedicated members. Something happened that broke the 4th wall and shed some massive light on reality, but it was smothered in extreme mania and psychosis; leaving Jon in the hospital for 3 months

When moving back home to Virginia, doctors discovered a brain tumor pressing on the brain stem.

“It was the biggest acoustic neuroma brain tumor on record. I wouldn’t have made it past age 23” -Jon

After recovery & the surgery, Jon moved to Texas and went on to write three more albums titled “Neuroscience & Scary Things”, “Rest!” and an EDM project called “Disguised As A Cat EP”

In 2023, Jon Tyler released both his bedroom EDM album and Euphorik Distortion’s first ever EP titled “Hollywood B.C.”, simply minding the business of arrogance and Hollywood with some awesome 2000’s rock influences.

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