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Karlskrona, Sweden

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What is Bass Ape Records?

Bass Ape Records is a digital Record Label founded by Tim N – [ Tim Nilsson ], Mister Crackie – [ Josef Persson ] and Goge-L – [ Oskar Gabrielsson ]. The main reason behind Bass Ape Records is to have control over everything and anything we wish to release without a 3rd party influence. That means we are not limited to genre.

The main idea behind Bass Ape Records is : If it sounds good, makes us smile and has a interesting sound to it, we´ll put it out there!

We take pride in our music and want to share our music to everyone so this was the best option for us.

Can Anyone Join?

If you have an interesting style and sound, you are more then welcome to try and apply to us.

The Process is this:

You send something in for us to review. All 3 owners need to approve of it. So if one says no, we will not accept you to the label. If all 3 owners says “Yes” – Then we will contact you, invite you to our label discord, explain the rules and how to move forward.

This would be the general process of how it all works.

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