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    22 Sep 23
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"Infinity" marks the third album by At The Grove and was released on September 22, 2023, by the Dutch label De Mist Records.

Although "Infinity" is an instrumental album, it tells a story by blending driving drums and heavy heavy guitars with catchy melodies, and immersive soundscapes in order to represent the inner turmoil, struggles, and uncertainty of the album's themes.

"Infinity" takes listeners on a profound journey, delving into the eternal quest for the meaning of life and the boundless unknown that lies beyond. As the music unfolds, the heavy riffs and complex drums represent the questions about the concept of infinity, the possibility of leading a fulfilling finite existence, and the connection between death and perpetual transformation. Throughout this musical odyssey, moments of respite appear, interwoven with piano melodies and ambient guitars, offering moments of introspection and clarity.

Here, "Infinity" contemplates the concept of death as a form of infinity, where our physical bodies gracefully decompose, becoming one with the cycle of new life, perpetuating the timeless dance of existence.Throughout the musical odyssey, "Infinity" explores these philosophical quandaries with unpredictable variance between heavy and atmospheric passages and ultimately concludes the genuine meaning of life resides within oneself.

The album suggests that life's infinity is not solely dependent on the continuity of our physical being, but rather it extends through the memories we leave behind in others and through the transformation of our atoms into the creation of new life forms. By enveloping the listener in the evocative melodies, intricate instrumentation and profound themes of "Infinity", At the Grove creates an immersive experience in the vast expanse of life's mysteries and the infinite possibilities that await within and beyond the dimensions of time.

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