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Illogistical Resource Dept.
San Francisco, United States

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The core of the Illogistical Resource Dept. consists of Dan Menapace and Noa Oz who have been playing together in various projects for nearly 17 years. Both were in earlier projects where they opened for John Taylor and Spock’s Beard as well as members of Death Angel and Agent Orange. Not afraid to take chances, the I.R.D. takes their sound into new territory by not only blending styles and genres, but by creating a form of experimental music that’s easily accessible. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the I.R.D.’s bass heavy approach to songwriting has often been described as otherworldly, ominous, quirky and unconventional. Some of their influences include Primus, Rush, King Crimson, Tool, Devo, and Pink Floyd. The band also recorded the theme song for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast.

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