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Guitars, Korg synthesizers, own voice recordings, melodies from samples from the 80's and experimentation with the rhythm section. The album "A New Spring Has Passed" continues the main line from Paradeigma - kind and life-affirming #abstract_hiphop #downtempo music without vocals. Released on #LabelCantroll on the last day of Spring 2022.

From the author: "It's surprising how many people aspire to success. It's a very strange, vague and blurry concept. What is success? What is failure? What is the meaning of reaching success? Is there anything more meaningful than success? It's a lottery. Well, yes, someone wins. But if you don't win, that doesn't mean anything. Develop your personality. It's a real asset and an endless resource. How are you going to live your life - will you live it with dignity or not?

Take time off from work and wake up at ten in the morning. Put your phone on silent mode. Fry eggs, make a tasty sandwich - create the maximum illusion of a breakfast made with your own hands, not the nearest cafe. Go for a stroll in the park. In that time, the world won't collapse, politicians won't start a war, and your boss won't go crazy without finding you. In those two hours, NOTHING at all is going to happen. Give yourself that time.

Priorities change. So do the environment and the world around you. It's not always easy to see what really matters. Many diseases or failures come from having the wrong goal system in life. You can CHANGE your destiny by CHANGING your attitude toward the world. Do the really important things-it's a shortcut to moving forward. Things will be different from here on out. Better than before, I believe".

15 track album
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