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Orange Hat
Atlanta, United States

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Serving up twisted pop songs and weirdo comedy since 1822, Orange Hat is your one-stop-shop for pure chewing satisfaction. Step right this way...

Guitarist Christo Harris started Orange Hat while in high school in 1983 and was joined by guitarist/bassist David "Zeus" Henderson several years later. The pair, with constantly changing lineups, took advantage of the '80s DIY cassette culture and released a half dozen independent albums on cassette between 1985 and 1995, including Pork! and Pterodactyl Universe. The band also released a full length independent mockumentary, Pork Rinds, in 1992.

The band released the CD Pufferfish in 1999, the single “On the 13th Floor" in 2000, and a full-length film Psychedelic Elevator (on VHS) in 2001.

From 2002 to 2003, Orange Hat produced over 50 episodes of The Orange Hat Hour, a weekly, half-hour cable television show. The program featured music videos, band performances, and surreal/deconstructionist comedy, similar in style to The Monkees and SCTV.

Band members have included:

Lee Flier (guitar), Eskil Wetterqvist (drums, vocals), Kenny Howes (organ, vocals), Jason NeSmith (drums, vocals), Keli Mercadante (percussion, vocals), John Henry Carrozza - (keyboard, vocals)

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