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This tsunami of psychedelic power pop includes 14 tunes that will stick in your mind like sauce to an octopus. The band delivers infectious melodies, thick harmonies, and even a theremin solo.

"What is most notable about this disc is the complexity of the song writing and playing. The tunes may sound easy and simple....but the arrangements and melodies are actually quite sophisticated...a 5 out of 5" - babysue 

"Shrewd mixture of bracing pop melodies and mildly deranged lyrics....wondrously stacked vocal harmonies, chugging guitars and woozy vox organ" - Creative Loafing 

"Wonderfully catchy, danceable tunes that will take you back to those late '60s days when Go-Go centers were all the rage" - Amplifier Magazine credits released December 9, 1999

(originally released 12/9/99)

Christo Harris - lead vocals, guitar, theremin David Zeus Henderson - lead vocals, bass, guitar, starmaker Jason NeSmith - vocals, drums, synsonics Kenny Howes - vocals, Vox Super Continental organ

Keli Mercadante - additional vocals on 2, 3, 8, 9, 12, 13 Janeen Whitney - flute on 10

Recorded by Zeus Henderson, Jason NeSmith and Christo Harris Mixed by Jason NeSmtih at Magic Foot Studios

14 track Album
Also in Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, New wave, Power Pop & Psychedelic Rock