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"Volny Kutok" is a utopian place where everything happens in its own way, harmoniously and happily. A place where you feel good, easy, pleasant and want to live. Where there is a will for thoughts, body and soul. The titles of the tracks are written in Belarusian - they describe different states of nature and connection with ancestors. The album is created completely without samples, the main instruments are keyboards and guitar. Released on Label Cantroll.

From the author: "For me this is a very sincere work - personal, atmospheric and melancholic. I wanted to create an album that takes you into dreams and reminds you of why you are here and what really matters. I hope this music helps you. Become a friend to you, as it has become a friend to me! And put a smile on your face. Beauty is near Notice the beauty around you! We're all just here for a moment".

Peace! With respect and love!

16 track album
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