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Arlington, United States

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I am a hip-hop artist from Fort Worth, Tx. I am apart of a hip-hop group called Fort Nox. Each of us were born and raised in Fort Worth. My focus is to entertain lyrically while providing substance along with good music production. In 2018, I released my solo album titled My Three Cents, produced by Big Hub and Scott Johnson. In 2020, I released an ep titled Still Good which featured production from AmAZin from Little Rock, Ar. I celebrated Afrikan history with a three song release in 2021. Afrikan Melody, Letter To Afrika and You Must Learn (Revisited) were produced by AmAZin. In 2022, I released my album LIFE (Lyrics Intended For Everyone) featuring production from Ernie G., Big Hub, Othawordz, Phaze Beatz and AmAZin. In 2023, I created a three song ep titled Three Piece which featured songs Isaiah, Poetry and Never Ending, all produced by Ernie G. I released a separate single on the same day titled Don't Curse, produced by Ernie G. This song featured fellow emcee's Solid, Original Soul, Dez 2-2, Jay Non-Stop, Phaze Beatz and Kilo Art-Of-Fact. The latest project release is slated for November 23rd titled Because. This track features production by Ernie G as well as his vocals on the hook. I released the single "Everytime" ft my nephew Midnite Mercernary to let people know what I attempt to do with each song I drop. Summer 2024, on my birthdate June 14th marks release date for "Summer Memoirs". This is a two song EP featuring my single "My Day In The Park" and "Back At It" featuring Fort Nox. Check out my catalogue at your earliest convenience. Find out why I consider myself one of the best complete catalogue artists.

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