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"Apeiron" is a Greek word which, according to the philosopher Anaximander of Miletus (6th century BC), designates the first element from which everything emerged, the primordial entity which generated the cosmos by successive splits.

The meaning of this word is still debated today: "infinite" or "indeterminate"? Literally: "without limit".

“Apeiron” was thus the founding concept of a bold rational cosmology, distinct from traditional myths, to explain the genesis of the universe, the earth, the ocean, the celestial sphere, the stars, physical phenomena and, of course, the emergence of life forms.

This starting point inspired me a form of contemplative and spiritual "space music", which attempts to reflect the mixture of imagination and intellectual speculation at work in this conquest of the universe by human thought.

With this album, I'm moving towards a more contemporary, hybrid sound and style, mixing electronic treatments and textures with processed human voices and classical instruments.

“Apeiron” is an attempt to explore new listening dimensions in the genre of electronic space music. credits released February 2, 2024

Electronics, sound design: Christian Wittman

Composed and produced at Nina Studio, Paris, November - December 2023.

Artwork: Christian Wittman

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