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Classical and contemporary music have played, and continue to play, an important role in my musical universe: chamber music in particular, for string quartet, woodwind and wind ensembles.

I love the purity of sound and instrumental lines, and in contemporary music, harmonic explorations that sometimes border on dissonance...

The experimental dimension lies in the writing and the choices of instrumental playing, a set of constraints in relation to the infinitely open palette of electronic instruments.

“Ambient Chamber Music” is an extension of this fascination, an attempt to blend textures and sound spaces, and to approach the expressivity of a small mixed electro-acoustic ensemble, crossing both minimalist and contemporary threads.

I tried to imagine a small ensemble of musicians, strings, winds and electronics playing and composing in mutual listening, following open scores, where writing coexists with improvisation.

This is basically how Lightwave has functioned, in its various configurations, around the core of Christoph Harbonnier and myself, not forgetting the important creative contributions of Renaud Pion, Jacques Derégnaucourt and Paul Haslinger, trying to approach the intuitive interactions of a small classical formation and the freedom of a jazz trio or quartet...

“Ambient Chamber Music” is a new stage in one of the parallel paths I intend to follow from now on. A chamber music oscillating between electro-acoustic and mixed music, sculpting ambient sound objects that unfold adventurous listening spaces...

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