Ambient Mapping II

Ambient Mapping II
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Ambient music is an encounter with slowness, silence, the depth of listening, immersion in sound, navigation on sounds to dream, think, travel, imagine...

"Ambient Mapping II" weaves different threads: silence, loops, sound spaces, "Fourth World" rhythms, possible melodies.

In this album, I experimented with geometrical compositional forms, superimposed, shifted, random, in different mixes distributing sounds, patterns, rhythms in an evolving space.


• "This is very good. Subtle piano tones with powerful deep pads sound great" (Chitra Records)

• "Lovely composition. I loved the soft and ethereal melodies. Nice piano touch, so sweet and peaceful. I loved the melancholy mood. We’ll add your beautiful music to our playlist "focus instrumentals" (About "Lines") (Listnerd, Spotify playlist curator)

• "Cinematic music at it's best. Wonderful soundtrack feel here. A proper production and theme. Adding this on Cinematic Soundscapes and Compositional Ambient" (about "Lines"). Lauge (musician and playlists curator)

• "Meditative and relaxing..." Maneli (Spotify playlist curator)

• "This is a delightful ambient track and makes a great fit for our Ambient playlist. Wishing you much success!" Sherry Finzer (Spotify playlist curator)

• "Lovely delicate ambient work, happy to have it in the Slow Ambient list." The Slow Music Movement (Spotify playlist curator)

• "Very cool! Great work on the instrumental! Great work on designing the various sounds. Nice work on the synth sound! It works very well. Focussing on mixing, you make the instrumental sound very good !" Palette (Spotify playlist curator)

• "Very beautiful, certainly a great fit for one of our playlists!" Music Dances When You Sleep, Spotify playlist curator, blogger.

• "Stunning track! Keep the beautiful music!" (About Curves) Salt of the Sound, Spotify / Apple Music playlists curator.

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