Music for Slow Motion Dance

Music for Slow Motion  Dance
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“I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how good "Music for Slow Motion Dance" is: an unassuming little masterpiece.” (Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space Radio Program)

Following on from an experiment carried out a few years ago by Lightwave with Popdreams, a street dance and slow motion company, this ambient, minimalist album was conceived to accompany experimental, contemporary choreographies based on the slowness and fluidity of movements and postures, between the techniques of mime, moon walking and butō theater.

The concept behind this album is slowness, time stretched out, suspended, like a film in slow motion, where gestures and movements become a weightless choreography...

I composed this album with the gestures and expressivity of butō performers in my mind's eye, in a space-time other than our own, inviting us to think differently about our relationship to the body and the soul, to movement, but also to looking and listening...

This ambient album is an invitation to slow down and free ourselves from gravity, to reach the lightness of lunar angels...

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