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Ambient and chill out album.

Track 1: Recorded for naviarhaiku521 – Basking Track 2: Recorded for naviarhaiku508 – Deep dark summer night Track 3: Recorded for naviarhaiku496 – Mountain’s red leaves Track 4: Recorded for Cousin Silas' The Four Elements - Fire (Volume 3) Track 5: Recorded for naviarhaiku516 – Two Seahorses (track previously named "Tanzende Seepferdchen") Track 6: Recorded for naviarhaiku480 – Filling My Shadows (track perviously named "Schattenfüllung") Track 7: Recorded for naviarhaiku489 – Dividing The Autumn Sky Track 8: Recorded for disquiet0562 – Sheep Music (track previously named "Einschlafhilfe") Track 9: Recorded for naviarhaiku515 – Last bloom before autumn (track previously named "Brüderliches Lächeln") Track 10: Recorded for naviarhaiku503 – Caterpillar Track 11: Recorded for disquiet0565 – Musical Folly Track 12: Normal ambient drone track Track 13: Recorded for naviarhaiku470 – Music's everywhere Track 14: Recorded for naviarhaiku478 – Distant Hills (track previously named "Ferne Hügel") Track 15: Recorded for naviarhaiku467 – Beautiful chaos (track previously named "Blättertanz") Track 16: Recorded for naviarhaiku506 – Now it reveals its hidden side (track previously named "Blattfall") Track 17: Recorded for naviarhaiku466 – Open road ... Track 18: Recorded for disquiet0600 – Reaching Out Track 19: Recorded for naviarhaiku462 – Icarus Track 20: Recorded for disquiet0567 – Three Meters

Music composed and produced by Seramind.

20 track Album
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