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Offish's fourth solo album, focusing primarily on leaving comfort zone and trying out different genres.

• BLEAK DAWN is actually the first track I made for this release. I was aiming to create something in the vein of intro from "Garden Of Eyes" album using more acoustic instruments and adding more swing to the drums. • DESTINED TO FALL is my most complex project so far. Instantly recognizable thanks to acid arpeggios and three distinct drops with shifting moods, each one with different drums and rhythms. • CULTIST VIP - a fresh take on my piece from 2019, much more raw and aggressive compared to rest of the tunes here. The VIP version of other track from same release - "Vile", was featured on my previous album. • ANJANATH borrows its name from Monster Hunter franchise. The unusual and hypnotic pace makes it feel almost like a techno track. A soundtrack to solitary, unfriendly place. • STILL LIFE shifts the tone to more melancholic side and keeps it through entire length. It stands out among other tracks with rich palette of pads and progressive, evolving drums. • REGRESSION carries sorrow from previous track while serving as transition into next segment of the release. • SOURCE OF MENACE is characterized by wide, lush synths playing in the intro and bridge between drops. The track focuses on intense barrage of techstep drums, accompanied by retro rave stabs. Short and straight to the point. • FLOODWATERS slows down to 140 BPM and explores the world of dubstep. With this track, I show my appreciation to one of the genres that inspired me the most. • BROKEN BONDS is bright and relaxing piece meant to contrast with rest of the album. I took inspiration from various atmospheric jungle releases and sprinkled this project with a bit more melodic content than I usually do. • WOUNDING WORDS - another trip-hop piece and a continuation of the moody concept from the intro, utilizing slightly different set of instruments.

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