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"Garden Of Eyes" is another massive leap on Offish's musical journey. Once again, he takes plunge into darker and more harsh territory but balances the emotions with more atmospheric tracks.

• PAREIDOLIA is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The vocal sample comes from Neuromancer audiobook originally written by William Gibson. • GARDEN OF EYES is the highlight of this album, a nudge towards dark drum & bass from early 00s. It's characterised by constant jungle-esque break switches, one of my most favourite techniques. • GLASS SHANK delves in the realm of carefully layered halftime drums and continuous evolution of the rhythm - aided by rich ambiance sampled from various sources and hazy muted guitar progressions. • IRREVERSIBLE is my second delve in jungle genre on the album, even more broken with sharper midrange basses all over the place and sudden switchups. • TEETH NECKLACE is my attempt to capture feeling of getting lost in a dense rainforest in a short, vivid piece of music. The vocal sample comes from Solaris audiobook, originally written by Stanisław Lem. • VILE VIP - originally released in 2019 on KRYTIKA Productions, I consider this track one of my most succesful - it played the key role in finding my own sound. • OUT OF BOUNDS - glitched breaks meet vibrant, diverse percussion rhythms - overall, the track refines my signature style many of you came here for. • NOCTURNAL VIP - rearranged version of track I released on Soul Ex Machina's compilation last year. I wanted to give it more spotlight with denser, more accented drums and bassline as well as a refined mixdown. • ASSUME THE WORST demonstrates my fascination with dub music, featuring a lot of genre's characteristic elements. • THE STRUGGLES WE'RE FACING soothes the emotions with distant, mellow pads and serves as farewell to the listener after listening to all previous tracks on the album.

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