World In Crimson

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World In Crimson
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• TRIBAL SPIRIT starts out with slow, hypnotic percussions, evolving and building up until it peaks at the very end. • FROZEN PATH stands out as highlight of the release with its prominent midrange stabs that laid foundations for the whole track to be built upon, together with dramatic female vocals reverberating behind the synths. • MUTAGEN TANKS has noticeably increased tempo and introduces different approach to basses - periodic, loud screeches tearing through entire frequency spectrum in between sharp, driving drums. • OUT OF DARKNESS is straight-to-the-point amen break action, hinting more at modern jungle track rather than drum & bass. • THE ORDER OF WHISPERS was the first project we worked on together and instantly decided to follow up with more tracks. • WORLD IN CRIMSON at its core is an odd mixture of samples from older drum & bass, hip-hop and reggae tunes, transforming them all into a new, cohesive piece. • INVERSE ELEMENT temporarily eases out the pace with less aggressive halftime drums, focusing more on enhancing the general mood of the album. • POSSESSED BODIES jumps between different patterns, switching from usual two step beat to freeform jungle rhythms over period of just few bars. • FROZEN PATH REMIX takes alternative route from source track, steering it into territory of glitched out drums and uneven rhythms. The main synth pattern gets also replaced with fresh new sounds. • OUT OF DARKNESS REMIX is brilliant showcase of Rez's mastery at working with breakbeats and being able to transform the mood of original into something even more sinister and unpredictable. • THE ORDER OF WHISPERS REMIX focuses primarily on pushing the drums to their limit with multiple intricate layers stacked on top of each other. • WORLD IN CRIMSON REMIX reworks the title track completly into bassdrum-driven halftime tune with less focus on midrange basses. • ISOMETRA is something experimental and eclectic we decided to include as the last track on the album.

13 track Album
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