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Liberated Turmoil
Seattle, United States

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In the heart of a forgotten world, shrouded in the mist of time and hidden beneath layers of digital decay, a lone figure known as Liberated Turmoil emerged as a voice amidst the chaos. Her essence is a paradox, a blend of the pulsating rhythms of EBM, the otherworldly sounds of witchcore, and the haunting melodies of post-rock, all blanketed with her soft voice and juxtaposed by distant screams of unearthly entities.

Liberated Turmoil stood firm in her conviction that true liberation could only be found in embracing the chaos within. For in the heart of turmoil lies the seed of revolution, and in the depths of darkness, the spark of liberation awaits.

Her music is a reflection of this internal struggle, deeply influenced by a sense of desperation akin to grasping for safety just beyond reach. Drawing inspiration from moments where hope flickers amidst overwhelming despair, Liberated Turmoil channels this tension into her compositions. As listeners are swept along the stormy journey of her soundscapes, they too experience the raw emotion and complexity of the human condition, finding solace in the cathartic release of her music.

Liberated Turmoil’s tracks were featured in radio shows like Dark Indulgence, Synthentral, A Dark Wave, and Draw The Line.

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