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The artist's debut album Resilience was released on December 31, 2019, and consists of six tracks that are a combination of EBM, techno, and industrial sound, and even the drum-n-bass-inspired track Don't Waste Your Time that closes the album. All that layered with the dark melodic atmosphere. The inspiration for the album came from different genres of the artist's favorite bands: from the rhythms and unsettling atmospheres of Rammstein to the otherworldly and melodic style of KAS:ST.

Two tracks, Your Lover's Skin and All Souls Are Troubled, feature dark and beautiful melodies played with a piano instrument and these two works can be best described as Creepiness took the hand of Tenderness.

Itchy Feeling and Let Me Out have a very techno speed and vibe, and the female vocal in the latter connects this style with an industrial or metal atmosphere.

I Came_ I Worked_ I Left stands out in the album in its own way and focuses heavily on the bassline groove, filled around with industrial sounds, and it has even background story of a factory environment, which you can hear at the beginning (the workday starts), in the middle (work interruptions happen all the time), and at the end ("Yeah, I'm done" - wrench drop).

The final track Don't Waste Your Time has the artist's own vocal recorded, and the message of this track resonates deeply with her that you have only one shot at this life, and time flies, so you owe it to yourself to live it as happily and best as you can and not postponing any passions you might have for "later."

The name of the album birthed from the artist's road of personal development and self-observation. You have to be resilient to the influence and pressures of the outside world in order to stay balanced and true, and it is absolutely hard to develop or train. But when you have developed your inner strength and resilience, you can go a very long way.

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