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Sunwarper is a Los Angeles based project creating warped, atmospheric electronic music. Sun soaked melodies, warm analog synths and dusty samples meet cinematic landscapes to create nostalgic soundtracks for places that don’t exist. With his mastery of live instruments and samplers, Sunwarper creates a wide range of sonics between Ambient dreamscapes and Synthwave bliss.

With releases featured on the likes of KEXP and Bandcamp’s “New and Notable”, Sunwarper has established himself as an integral part of the independent electronic scene. He can be found on Youtube (@sunwarper) as a growing source for music production tips, tutorials and live performances. As co-founder of Audionautic Records he has also helped foster a growing community of like minded synth enthusiasts and independent musicians on the weekly music news and production Livestreams.

His music can be heard on Webcomics like the Eagle and the Snake, where he composed both a romantic theme “Forever Becoming” and several high energy tracks for an upcoming arc of season 2, beginning with “Departure Point” in April.
This February, Sunwarper began his biggest project yet: the audio/visual journey, Music For Imagined Landscapes, a yearlong project combining AI imaging, Music Production and Cinematic Storytelling. Each month, a new track soundtracking a corresponding piece of artwork will be released, creating a audio/visual journey to join in.

Beginning his career as a guitarist, Sunwarper expanded into synthesizers and samplers to carve new frontiers in Electronic and Ambient music. He has also honed his craft in mixing and mastering other artists music, bringing their ideas into a reality with professional sounding mixes and sonically competitive masters.

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