Music For Imagined Landscapes

Music For Imagined Landscapes
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Step into a realm beyond reality with "Music for Imagined Landscapes," a yearlong ethereal audio/visual odyssey by Sunwarper. Kaleidoscopic melodies soundtrack adventures to uncharted vistas and unexplored worlds. With each song written and released monthly throughout 2023, these tracks are released alongside visuals that encapsulate the essence and theme of each composition. This unconventional release cycle forms a sonic diary and a tailor-made soundtrack, preserving the concepts, recollections, and aspirations of 2023 within an enduring audible archive.

Drawing inspiration from their formative years immersed in the captivating realms of 3D games on platforms like Playstation and N64, Sunwarper artfully blends the warmth of analog instrumentation and nostalgic tones with the innovation of modern production techniques. The result? A breathtaking sonic panorama that beckons you to immerse yourself within its layers of sonic splendor.

*Yet to be released tracks have been temporarily filled with silence until the release date listed on the track

16 track Album
Also in Balaeric/Downtempo