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Sayok is a one-man band project founded in 2021. In his music the author combines live instruments with electronic ones, sampled #beats with natural sounds from the surrounding world. The genre can be described as #downtempo hip-hop. The author defines nostalgia as the essence and mood of his music. Published on Label Cantroll.

From the author: "As if an invisible pendulum swung from my usual depressive post-rock-ambient motifs to a completely different direction. I didn't interfere with this process, on the contrary, I tried to diverge from the habitual to help this pendulum to reach its maximum amplitude. These tracks were written at different times and symbolize different events, but somehow, miraculously, all of a sudden they come together in one big picture. The tracks are also united by the very approach to creation. I am a guitarist and usually all the musical ideas begin and end with guitar. But here I decided to limit its use as much as possible. All the music is still made by electric guitar, but later on I was repeating or replacing the created parts by means of synthesizers. As a result, the guitar has one or two tracks at the most in each track, and in "Snow Out" the bass guitar sounds as well".

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