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The second release with a "samurai" title from The Eighth. The 27-track album "Samurai File" is essentially a compilation consisting of two previously released EPs, unreleased demos, and a reissue of the Time-Travelling Samurai album.

Musically, it's #abstract_hiphop and acid jazz steeped in #lofi and broadway aesthetics. Recorded in an Ardour 5 DAW running in a Debian Linux environment.The album uses digital-analog sound processing with a Roland SP-404SX sampler and an Elektron Analog Heat effects processor. Digital remasters are done in REAPER.

"I originally had the idea of writing a short story with a retro-futuristic theme, featuring a time-traveling samurai and a detective from the future trying to catch him. In a kind of philosophical sense, I'm like a 'time-traveling samurai' myself - I worked on these tracks for several years, dropping them many times, then coming back to them again and almost ruining the whole project in an extremely long production process" - The Eighth.

26 track album
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