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RIZA music project exists since 2007. Its sound is constantly changing, incorporating new elements and consonances that blend into a single stream of vibrations of live and virtual instruments, rhythmic patterns change, but at the same time, the characteristic features remain. "Individual Intolerance" is the fourth album from RIZA music, released on Label Cantroll. The previous release was three years ago.

From the author: "Music for me is a kind of meditation, self-reflection and a kind of "language" in which the codes of perception of reality are encrypted, a mold of a time period, something like a personal diary of memory. It is a way of non-verbal dialog with other people, transferring one's experience, emotions in the form of sound waves and vibrations, sound synthesis and instrumental parts. Let this combination open for each listener in its own way, its own soundtrack to life. I wish you a pleasant immersion!"

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