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Melancholic samples, thoughtful and minimalistic pads, abstract imagery adapted into slow broken hip-hop #beats and lo-fi sound.

The name “kbkbts.” - is an acronym for Kubik Beats. In his portfolio the project from Belarus has joint tracks with beatmakers mostovbeats, Nastavazvuk and Enzzy Beatz. He is a member of RAW KITCHEN team, resident of Label Cantroll.

From the author: "Night is the time of revelations. Especially the so-called period of intense personal inner struggle. Plunging into total darkness, into the void, a person separates from those parts of his life that no longer serve him, rethinks his beliefs, views, habits and attitudes towards all things. One gets rid of one's old and false self, revises one's moral values, gains an understanding and sense of ethereal connections, recognizes one's true being and transforms into one's "true self". But no matter how long, hard and dark this period is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this light is the true awakening, rebirth from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Everything has its sunset and only the night ends with the dawn."

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