Box of Time

Box of Time
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Box of Time is a unique series of works made between May 15th and May 20th, 2020. Each track has the same odd instrumentation and workflow.

I had acquired an antique upright piano right before COVID had started to shut down the world, and was not able to get a tuner to come to my house at the time. I had been working on some projects around the house and I had fashioned two DIY electroacoustic instruments out of some scrap wood and contact microphones that I have since named "Time Plate" & "Rival Plate" I had picked up a hand made synthesizer from Etsy called the Ellitone Multi Synth to help pass the time during lock-down. It doesn't have quantized pitch so I was able to match it to the piano. And finally my trusty Roland Juno DS-88 which i was able to adjust the tuning to get close enough to the piano to work.

I knew there was some sort of magical interplay between this odd set of instruments, and it would be gone forever once I would finally get a tuner out to work on my piano. So I recorded these performances. It's not my most refined work. Some areas may even be considered "rough" or "sloppy", but I feel the liveliness, the electricity in these pieces when I listen back. And luckily enough, I had just started using Instagram and was filming all of my performances. So if you want to see exactly how this album was made, there is video documentation at the link below.

credits released July 3, 2020

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Written & Produced by Michael Southard Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by Michael Southard

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