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before and during the start of my transition i had a lot of baggage surrounding my creative output. i was pouring myself into trying to make something that felt expressive of everything i was going through and thinking about at the time but then spent so much effort trying to make it perfect that i gave up on releasing it. i'm finally more comfortable with myself and my weird ass music. i decided to do a little touching up of some of my literal hidden gems for a release as part of the Queer Games Bundle on itch.

a main theme i was exploring was the idea of integrating the electronic sounds i could make/sample with things that sounded more like "traditional" instruments. most of the time i was making this music i was contemplating how we're supposed to reintegrate into nature after we've done something as intensive as industrialization, which was something i wanted to reflect with the mix of natural and unnatrual sounds.

19 track album
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