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Psychdelic Chill out!

Produced and mix by Jukka Puomio and Emma Raudasoja Flutes by Tin Jay Vocals by Emma Raudasoja…dWB4kd4n_Y

UnityVerse Music proudly presents Anima Mundi VA. A carefully selected group of sonic wizards from around the world have joined Cosmic Touch and Neon Jesus on this quest to co-create an offering to the world soul. With many different styles and moods present, this journey will take you through the full spectrum of psychedelic downtempo and deep into the mind of the over-soul that resides in all. credits released June 13, 2021

Compiled By: Cosmic Touch (FIN) & Neon Jesus (USA) Mastered By: Digital X Mastering Lab Cover Art By: Cosmic Touch Additional Mastering: Track 10 mastered @ Abstract Studios

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