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On a mission. Exploration. Calculate. Discover. The force that channels life into our world started trembling weeks ago. The answer? Enlightenment? In front of me? Hidden for ever? The best equipment and the most appreciated experts boarded with me. We follow. Recordings. Extrapolate. Stay focused. We are already too far to return back to the last safe point. Pressure? Insomnia? I'll rest. One day I will. Crew's collective energy field keeps us energetic and motivated. Forward...

A new clue. Direction. Brighter. Valid numbers. The pieces of this puzzle are aligning, feeding our confidence. Celebration. We are happy. Doubts crossed. Inhale life. What seemed like an impossible task is now within our reach. A bit more. We can. Mind open. Expectation. Wherever I look I see members stopping to talk, smiling cheerfully. Working hard. Finalization. Closer. All together! All the data we collected points to the one and only possible outcome. A final push...

Error? Skewed. Why? Disappointment. After diligently following logic, we ended up in a strange place. New rules. Unseen forms. Sweat. No escape. Despair is spreading among some of us rapidly reducing output. The struggle. Fight. What's left? Recalculate. A few heroes started working faster than possible, with ultimate precision. Discoveries. Beyond limits. A new era. Confirmed. This new reality is scary, yet it gives us hope we'll survive. Rebirth...

3 track EP
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