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J: "I am lost now. Don't know who I am. Nor where I come from. Whom to ask for help? Strangers. Just strangers around me. Am I real?" V: "I will wait for you." J: "I need to get out. Yeah, up and running... Water! It feels good to refresh my body. I'll enjoy these few moments of my own ignorance and let the fresh water caress my skin. Oh! Feels good." V: "You are beautiful." J: "Okay. It is time to think. No panic this time. Where did I come from and where should I go? Is there a reason why I'm here? I'll start digging around, maybe there's a meaning to be found somewhere close." V: "Look! It is so bright over there." J: "I was never here before. Could I be at the start of a new cycle? The heat is taking over. Upcoming ride will be good!" V: "Follow me..."

5 track EP
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