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Lun Moonatik
Rjeka, Croatia

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In the labyrinth of sound, I find myself a wanderer, guided by the whispers of hardware synthesizers. These machines, my companions on a mystical journey, translate the unseen currents of the world into a sonic tapestry. Each note, a subconscious echo; each melody, a spiritual revelation, unfolds in a dance where the contrived loses its grip, and the authentic reigns.

My music is not just an act of creation, but a voyage. It's where the physical and metaphysical realms intertwine, spinning a web of auditory illusions. In this space, time bends, and inspiration, like a rogue wave, carries me across the unseen oceans of imagination. Here, in the embrace of sound, I am both lost and found, surrendering to the moment's whimsy, letting it sculpt the symphonies of my soul's whispers.

This journey is more than a mere fusion of notes; it's a pilgrimage through the uncharted territories of the psyche, a celebration of the strange and the surreal. My compositions are my diary, chronicling a voyage through the vibrant void where the world's heartbeat resonates in the language of electronic dreams.

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