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A Live 65 min Ambient Experimental Drone set taken from the #AmbientACIDShow on 7/27/2023

Cakewalk Main: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor

FX: Breverb2: Superclean 80s-90s

Title: #AmbientACIDShow s03e15.0

Hardware: Korg Wavestate: Industrial RS2 FX: In Box

Kurzweil 200vx: Nightmare FX: In Box

Deepmind 12: Illusion Pad SR FX: In Box

Neutron: Distorted Feedback FX: In Box

MicroFreak Stellar: Runkotron/Vocoder FX: In Box

Native Instruments: Komplete Kontrol s88mk1: 1 Symphonic Destruction - Damaged and Broken

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