His Mind Is Far Afield

His Mind Is Far Afield
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Deep dark electronic track with abrasive synths and lots of different arps including pounding drums and hats! It makes you wonder where the mind is in all this...

Tech: The ASCAP Work ID: 924059588

Theme: We Are Buried By The Weight Of Information

DAW: Cakewalk

Master Channel: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor

Main FX: DeeLay


Deepmind 12: g-117 Bubbles KA

OB-X: Dark MAtter

Serum 1: Pad - Highway r3

Serum 2: Ambient Ghost r1

Hive2: Dark Arp

Maschine MK3: Drums: Kick[126] Acuity Hihats[126] Zaeon Perc[127] Weft Hihats[126] Con Full[120] Cm Bettor

Sounds: Mosaic Voices: Hybrid - Rust of 1984 (ARP) Mosaic Neon: ARP - Binary Labyrinth (Str)

Alesis Strike Multipad: Pink Tom Phils

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