Cause Is Following Effect

Cause Is Following Effect
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Mid-Tempo dance track with driving bassline and cool arps and samples scattered through the track. Look for a REMIX in the future very soon!

Tech: Composer/Author DJ RENIGADE 1088695008 ASCAP

Original Publisher RENIGADECINETRAX 1088694896 ASCAP

The ASCAP work ID is: 924529727

Title: Cause Is Following Effect

Theme: We Are Buried By The Weight Of Information

DAW: Ableton Live 12 Suite

Master Channel FX: iZotope Ozone 5 Master Crisp Saturation

Instruments: #u-He ZebraHZ #u-He TyrellN6 #Serum

Hardware: K2000VX Novation Launchpad mk1 Komplete Kontrol S88mk1

Samples: Various Samples and Loops

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