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modular and software synths, tape, field recordings, found sounds, etc.

“There are Three Noises Inside Each of Us” marks seven years of object-a, a project to track my learning about field recording, acoustic experimentation, sound design, recording techniques, etc. From the beginning, it has been public, mostly because I've been asking students to try new stuff in classes without being embarrassed or worrying about failing and it feels only fair and useful to have my own “trying” to point to. Things I’m learning from this project have had the added benefit of helping me talk better with colleagues in other disciplines. And, of course, as with so many folks, making noises became more important to me during the lockdowns (hence the funny, self-help title of this album). Anyway, it has been seven years and I’ve learned a ton. This new thing is the best thing I’ve made so far. There’s a little less noise, a few more beats, lots of field recordings, analog synths, found sounds, and at one point even my voice. I hope you find something to enjoy here.