Keep On Techno Showcase Volume 3

Keep On Techno Showcase Volume 3
Digital Download
Includes streaming plus high-quality mp3 and lossless downloads.

For the third and final Showcase release of the year we continue to bring some label heavyweights doing their thing!

First up is the always reliable Andy BSK with Mystery In Space. A driving, yet trippy number with plenty of melodics and still packing a punch.

Chris Coles & Latex Zebra go BPM and acid crazy with Follow This. Relentless Acid complimented by ravey old skool stabs.

Last up is Rich Campbell who gives a slower track Tranquillity, with some lush pads and stabs backed up with some pounding acid.

We hope you've enjoyed the Showcase series and a chance to hear the artists doing something slightly different than expected.

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