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Andy BSK, born in 1981, Slovakia, is a renowned DJ and music producer. From a young age, he showed a fascination with music and unique sounds. His music, created on a Commodore Amiga at 16, gained attention worldwide. After signing with Electrogroove Records, his electronic tracks reached the Top 10 charts. However, setbacks followed when the label folded unexpectedly.

Unfazed, Andy founded 4Beat Records, releasing tracks globally. Balancing the label and his day job proved challenging, but he persisted. His Techno and Hardgroove productions stood out, blending classic and contemporary elements. Despite the ups and downs, Andy BSK's dedication to his lifelong passion continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. His extensive discography is now available on major online stores and streaming platforms. In his studio, he finds solace, pouring his heart and soul into creating music that captivates listeners everywhere.

Nowadays Andy concentrates on his new record labels Transfiguration Recordings and KickMaSomaAss Records to bring listeners good tribal hardgroove techno sound.

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