Ajah EP
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We welcome more new blood to the label with BigfatEddie who hails from the Emerald Isle. With some solid release on labels like Oxytech and Beats HD we were delighted when he landed a few tracks on us. So impressed were we that he has already been snapped up to do a remix on a future release. This has a slightly different vibe after some very full-on releases on X. This will still cater to the Hard Techno crew and others.

We present BigFatEddie - Ajah EP

Black Ajah is the very definition of Hypnotic Techno with an insistent lead driving through the tune as it builds elements with subtle analogue twists that grows and grows. Progressive Hard Techno maybe, if it is, we're here for it!

Green Ajah retains the hypnotic vibe of the lead track but adds a slightly more melodic touch. Still packs a punch and a great tune to help build a set.

On the remix we welcome back K-Deey to the label after his excellent EP for us earlier this year. His take on Black Ajah has delivered a dark and driving monster in the style we've come to expect from him.

Let's go!

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