Holding On
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Chris Coles and Latex Zebra have been busy working on their Progressive alias and new label... BUT, they've not forgotten their Techno roots. Having recently remixed DKLUB's bomb release for us they are back with their first original techno track in over a year. It was worth the wait.

Holding On is a driving track that ignores their usually signature acid sound and just hits hard with fierce drum work, insane synths and a mind bending vocal loop.

Hamaton3 has never remixed these guys before so that needed to change. His remix has his signature hypnotic yet banging style that is pushing all the right buttons everywhere!

The final remix is from Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. A producer with such a background we couldn't even begin to do it justice in a couple of sentences. We all know what he can do and he has delivered a class remix that packs a real jacking punch!

This is a place for crazy people!

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