Calling Berlin EP

Calling Berlin EP
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K-Deey returns to Keep On Techno and in some style as well. A three track EP backed up with a remix from someone we haven't seen on the label for a while.

Calling Berlin kicks us off and is beautiful driving techno. Hard edged with sinister sounds underlying the tune. This deserves to be played in the biggest places to the biggest crowds!

It's You is trippy, wonky techno at it's finest with twisted little elements that sit with a dark vibe.

Synthetic Drive finishes the originals with an organisation of sounds and twists that will keep everyone on their toes.

To close out the EP we're thrilled to welcome back Rich Campbell with his first remix for us this year. Dark bass, acid and a huge break are everything we love about this guys work. An absolute killer remix of an already awesome original.

Calling Berlin... We hope they're listening!

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