Flux EP
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Up next on X we have Tækno Jens debuting on the label with a super energetic EP entitled Flux. Hailing from Denmark Jens is an extremely versatile producer with a background in Trance and Progressive Grooves and also dabbling with Hard Techno under this new name. Wanting to continue our theme of getting lots of fresh talent on the label this year we invited Jens to drop an EP on us... He did and here it is!

The lead track Flux is bright yet driving with twisted synths and analogue squawks. The kick absolute pounds on this as well.

Acid Twinkle, as you can probably guess, has a sprinkling of Acid in it. Another immense driver that is proper mind scrambler.

On remix duties we welcome Guillermo DR. This Mexican producer should be known to any Hard Techno fan with releases on a whole host of top labels. His remix on Flux is a dark and striped down version that is guaranteed to dominate the dancefloor!

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