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Patros15 is a Slovak music producer and supporter Bearial.

He has been producing music form 2018.

He collaborates with Slovak artists Ema Violet, Lumya but also with foreign AuraAura, Liebeskid, AUEL, Greencyde, Distillat, Phenomenology, Blackbird, UNLIT, Thémemoir, two- weeks, Rhekluse, Luhcy, Apolo-Apolo, Pale Outsider, Tiikk, ish10 yow1r0, Linear Curb, SenszA and others.

His work is characterized by a deep athmospheric sound.

He is influenced by many artists, but especially Burial, Boards of Canada, Ólafur Arnalds, Moderat and Apex Twin. His inspiration also comes from soundtrack music.

First official debut LP album called The Forces to Change he released on 31st October 2019 on Dark Heart Recordings (DHR).

Spectrum is second LP album he self-released on 6th October 2021. This album has a more chill and uplift vibe and is about difference and his inner world as neurodivergent person.

The Way to the Abyss is third LP album he released on 1st August 2022 on Dark Heart Recordings. It has very dark atmospheric tracks, they are about melancholy, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, inner fights and in last track he was asking Where is the light?

** The Way to the Abyss (Remixes)** is fourth LP with 22 remix tracks from various artists, it was released on 16th December 2022 on DHR.

Tales from the Depth is very personal fifth Ambient album, because it about his life stories and mental health. He released it on 1st May 2023 on DHR (Dark Heart Ambient)

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