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Androck has been writing and recording music since 2011, where he released his first project under the name Casper in 2012. In 2014, he rebranded to Androck and released the mixtape titled, "Static" in partnership with his brother who produced, mixed, and mastered the project. Following the release, Androck began collaborating with local artists in Portland, OR as well as well as artists from the UK, Denmark, and other artists attending Oregon State University where he got his music featured at the end of year "Dam Jam". After graduating in 2016 and returning to PDX, Androck would be a regular performer at various shows around the city and a headliner for some events. This would evolve into his first studio album, "In the Wake of a Heavenly Nightmare" released later that year with an album release party at the famous (now closed) "Secret Society" with PDX rap legend Mic Crensaw opening up for him. While Androck would film and release music videos in the next two years from the album's tracks, this would be the last of new music releases for some time. In 2021 he and his wife would move from the familiar city of Portland out to the "Middle of Nowhere" Glasgow, MT. There he would find a reinvigorated thirst for making music and in early 2023 released his first tracks in years. Now with a new album on the way for 2024, Androck is back and ready to make waves.

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