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Mysterious, genre-defying DJs and producers, Stranger in the Night (SIN) are looking for the white spots in a dark techno landscape. They bewitch with enigmatic productions, dynamic unforeseeable sets, and their recent audiovisual approach to making music that is inspired by New German cinema, David Lynch and the early other David (Cronenberg), as well as AI (the tools we use shape the very 'content' we produce). With this latest tangent, SIN, who mostly perform under another well-known pseudo, now prefer to keep their identities hidden In The Night. They perform at Berlin's Club der Visionäre and Golden Gate, Sónar Festival, Barcelona Street Carnivals, and many underground clubs across Asia, including Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. SINs'/ the others' discography includes 3 albums and over 30 tracks and remixes, released on labels like ENUX Records, FormResonance, Transit Records Kyoto, Lebensfreude Records (Berlin), or Destroy All Monsters (Nowhere), the 2 latter of which they co-run. Dark, iridescent and conceptualistic, SIN are defying the mainstream of electronic music by using but abusing the common techno formulas, or, by doing something entirely different.

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