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Have we really reached a state of « post techno crisis »? That questioning is legit and would have been legit even ten years earlier. It’s not with words that Frank tends to respond to that question. Rather with his music and through an enhanced discography that has been unfolding Since 2005.

In fact, the same way as very few minimal techno producers did like Villalobos, Murcof, Alva Noto, Burnt Friedman and Jan Jelinek (that he considers as major influences), we believe that Dr.Nojoke invented a whole sub-genre, a whole environment where he, accompanied by his recordings and diverse techniques, is pulling the strings and calling the shots. That’s probably at this point that this kind of music becomes the most interesting, distinct and personal; When the artist is ruling his little world and applying a whole bunch of processes, recipes and rules that he has built and keeps on building and improving every day. This way, he gets to have, at the same time, full control of his machinery and enough space for what is and has to be fortuitous. Those who had the chance to see and hear him playing live would definitely understand what we’re talking about.

Nojoke is a kind of studio operative worker and manic sound collector. Although « Conceptual » wouldn’t be a fine word to describe his music neither, as the concept, if there is one, is wrapped up and shrouded enough to not be heard as the starting point of his works. That’s maybe what we liked at first listen of Frank’s music and what made us want to contact him. This brilliant combination and assimiliation of well digested influences (from minimal and micro to UK breakbeat and dub techno) was unusual, intriguing and very impressive.

And what is coming next is this album « Post Techno Crisis ». It brings another 6 tracks on the table for no less than 50 minutes of micro dub ballads, which hopefully contain a bit of this artists singularity and subtlety.

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