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The German producer and live act Dr.Nojoke impresses on the 'Mental Health Hotline', a tongue-in-cheek EP that - in keeping with the producer's alias - makes some lighthearted references to some serious issues. Opening up the release is the original, a gnarly, twisted, temperamental track that sounds as if it were lifted from a Donato Dozzy and Tin Man collaboration. Moody and minimal, it keeps the listener's attention firmly locked courtesy of a range of swelling beats and unusual samples. A stifling, almost uncomfortable listen, this one will make most sense when the night is enjoying its most trippy moments. ' Nemonuk' is Dr.Nojoke's second original on offer. Again, the ethos here is firmly tied toward a minimal aesthetic and again, the results firmly lean towards a somewhat out-there place. Nonetheless, this is electronica at its most varied and a track that culminates an all-round fascinating EP with considered aplomb.

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